Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So its december 24 2008, the day before my moms birthday, and adahn and i dont have a present for her, so we went out and bought her a coffee maker(something she uses daily). the old one she had was wrecked so this was agreat idea. we stayed up all night trying to paint on it, i think it sturned out great. she loves the gats face so we slapped one on, sorry gats had to cop it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

the wise monks

The Dark Knight AKA greatest super heroe and super villain alive!!

Acrylic and textile paint! made: 2008

Birds and faces!

"the birds" was bought by a friend of mine for a cool $40. i loved making these. the first real pair of shoes sold. i see her wearing em and i get all excite. 8)-adahn.

Made:summer 2008

The circus on my shoes

Tupacs Day Out!!

I love this Tupac hat. i think it represents one of my best works with my craft. i was super excited when i was done cuz i wanted to fidn someone to buy this for over the asking price. but i got to attached. it's a keeper.
Blue mesh foam hat, acrylic and textile paint