Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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So this is a quick 30 minute painting i did with acrylic and spray. I only give myself 30 minutes cuz then its more fun...idk, i like the challenge. I've also always wanted to make one of these videos, where everything moves really fast, and theres a kool song playing at he same time. I picked Lemme Know by Charles Hamilton, he, mmm, easily one of the dopest lyricists out right now. So...enjoy the vid.

-Ian Koolkid Westart

(i just watched the full video, and the quality is not as good as it is on the file i have haha, so for those who care im gonna upload a better quality one laterz) dmn wat a shame!
So we got a request from our school counselor...Mrs. Goodman, shes really wanna the coolest, to make two Obama sweatshirts and one freestyle sweatshirt for her 3 sons. This was a big job, well, not big, but large, hmmmm, naw, not pequeno tho. anyways, we both did one of the obamas seperately, and were gonna do the freestyle sweat together in the next couple of days. gotta shoot the procrastination.

Here's pics in between the process of my(Ian) Sweatshirt...peep it.