Thursday, April 2, 2009

HERA!!!!!!!! A BAMBI LADY!!!!!

I was browsin the UPPERPLAYGROUND website like i do on a daily and i saw a video a while ago about this dope artist named hera. they had this interview video of her where she painted this bambi lady thing in SF and i thought it was one of the cooliest things. well we happened to come across it while we were in SF! so we snapped pics.

KING WEST-ARTENKAMEN!! (work in progress)

Congratulations to me! I'm on my 11th piece of my AP Concentration! for those who aren't aware i've been creating piece around the topic of egypt for my concentraion. like i said this is my 11th piece. for this one i decided to tell a made up story through this piece. The Pharoah king West-Artenkamen is saddened because he has lost his wisdom and has been cursed with a darkness that has fallen across his kingdom. but out of the kindness of the gods Thoth, the god of wisdom and knowledge and Horus, the god of the sun, they have been given back to him. so in this painting i have depicted the gods bringing him wisdom and light. eh??
medium: acrylic

Sunday, March 29, 2009