Friday, March 13, 2009

-Today i started another painting, mediums, Acrylics, chalk, charcoal, and Montana. It was on a Wooden board 3'x9'. I have no idea what im gonna do with all these giant wooden paintings...Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.~thnx Brissa "The Breeze" Mendoza, for the song choice, im the one dummy in the world who wouldnt have thought to use eye of the tiger...

My Brother and I(ian), got accepted to our fisrt, and second choice colleges...Mass Art in Boston, and Cal Arts in Valencia California. We earned a few days ago, but its really starting to hit me that i have something to do after highschool, a whole new environment, and im really F****** excited.


~college visits!!!!!!!!!!!!

+We got together a few weeks ago...after months of planning, to do a mural with 6 other artists on solano and stannage in Berkeley. It was a ridiculous day, fun as hell, hot in the morning, and freezing in the afternoon, we didnt video tape enough of the process, but this is the video we made from what we scrapped together.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

-HERES the first of many videos to come to this blog. I did this piece in about 2 hours ver two days, there is some stuff that the camera didnt catch...:( bummy!!!!! but i think it still looks good. I couldnt think of a good title for the piece...AND, its not even done yet so...well see what happens with part 2.
Mediums= spray paint, chalk, charcoal, ogther things that i cant remember

wassup, shit i havent popsted on here for a long minute. well im gonna try and reall leave sumthing of substance to this blog.

So this is about to be a post of everything thats been goin on, alot has happened since i or my brother last blogged.
-We are supposedly going to have a gallery showing sometime within the next month and a half but we havent really been in contact with the suporvisors of the gallery space and same them to us. so we will see how that pans out...

-I(koolkid), have been doing an imense amount of art videos, plus we just finished a mural a while ago, ive got a video for that, and all of these art videos are about to be posted to the blog...they've just been lying around on my desktop and i really need to do sumthing with them.

-i dropped my 3rd period...i know, not exciting for any of you 0 followers to this blog site, but to me its great!!!!!!!!!! no 3rd period=more art time!!!

-Right now we are working with a friend of ours named Art Hazlewood, a very VERY good artist, who has been commissioned to make a mural for a middle school in Visatation Valley in San Francisco. Moneys comin in from this which is makin me smile real hard!!

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