Thursday, March 12, 2009

wassup, shit i havent popsted on here for a long minute. well im gonna try and reall leave sumthing of substance to this blog.

So this is about to be a post of everything thats been goin on, alot has happened since i or my brother last blogged.
-We are supposedly going to have a gallery showing sometime within the next month and a half but we havent really been in contact with the suporvisors of the gallery space and same them to us. so we will see how that pans out...

-I(koolkid), have been doing an imense amount of art videos, plus we just finished a mural a while ago, ive got a video for that, and all of these art videos are about to be posted to the blog...they've just been lying around on my desktop and i really need to do sumthing with them.

-i dropped my 3rd period...i know, not exciting for any of you 0 followers to this blog site, but to me its great!!!!!!!!!! no 3rd period=more art time!!!

-Right now we are working with a friend of ours named Art Hazlewood, a very VERY good artist, who has been commissioned to make a mural for a middle school in Visatation Valley in San Francisco. Moneys comin in from this which is makin me smile real hard!!

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