Sunday, February 1, 2009

This is my art teacher's friend. I feel really bad that i cant remember her name, especially if she can remember mine. She bought the hat and has been showing off all over the place, and just happens to have a part on my favorite show, Law and Order SVU, and is trying to convince the costume designers to allow her to wear it on the show. so if that happens, look out for it, that will be a big day.

So last weekend at 5 in the morning, we had to get up and take bart to Freemont to meet a friend at 7:30 in the morning, and help with catering, we had to work for about 17 hours, and didnt get home until 3:30 the next morning. It was worth it, we were paid, handsomely! We were bored on bart so we started drawing and leaving the drawings on the bart for others to find. it would be cool to see one again, its happened before.

"Where The Wild Things Are". I did this hat for a friend of mine.

We finished making these sweatshirts a little while ago. And that's Tess and me posin cuz the camera cant get enough.
This is the whole painting finished. half and hour, it was really fun, but too cold...gotta do it agian.
This is a big board me(Ian) and my good friend Tess Lubin Brown, painted in half an hour, before our class in the morning started. (this is the unfinished picture of it)

I KNOW IT'S LATE, BUT A BLOG IS HARD TO KEEP UP WITH! This is the flier they used at my school, Berkeley High School, to get people to watch the inaguration on the big screen in the auditorium. The image is a printed pic of a painting we did when Obama won on Nov. 4th. So far its been used for this, a calendar(that i will post later), and someone's profile pic on facebook.